G59 Protective Switichboards

All G59/3 protection modular switchboards from Shaw Automation are designed using 3D solid modelling to provide high levels of accuracy and build quality. This technology also offers our clients the ability to visualise device and busbar layout prior to manufacture.

We never use flat-pack proprietary enclosure systems that have to be cannibalised to suit, and all busbar systems – both horizontal and vertical – are ASTA Certified.

Our G59/3 protection modular panels are used for various types of generation schemes for grid connection, ensuring G59/3 compliance

For a fast, economical G59/3 switchboard solution, our standard modular range is available with reduced lead times.


  • G59 protection relay complete with LCD display
  • Suitably rated disconnection device (ACB, MCCB or contactor) c/w aux contact for commissioning
  • Isolation device
  • MID approved energy meter
  • Gland plates (which can be pre-drilled to aid connection on site)
  • Engineers 13Amp socket (for use during commissioning)
  • Example ratings & sizes:
    • Upto 50kW (500 x 500 x 150mm)
    • Upto 200kW (800 x 600 x 300mm)
    • 1MW and above (from 1910 x 1850 x 650mm)


  • Suitable for most environments: Flexible
  • Reduces down time: Reliability
  • Reduces carbon footprint: Eco-friendly
  • High security board: Safe
  • Easy glanding/cable: Simple installation
  • Can be altered with minimum disruption: Adaptable


  • Commercial buildings
  • Industry


All switchboards can be manufactured in accordance with the international standards IEC 61439-1.

G59/3 regulations must be adhered to throughout the UK for all generation systems that generate 16Amps per phase or above.


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