Hydro Control Panels

Shaw Automation can provide off-the-shelf wind and water turbines complete with their control gear or one-off systems to suit a customer's special needs.

Our aim in designing a modular control system for the hydro industry has been to embrace these developments whilst using established and proven standards and technology from the Automation & Control Industry.

A Hydro modular control system must be reliable, robust, efficient and able to manage a multitude of control parameters and possible fault conditions and it must provide the user with easily accessible system information.

As Hydro turbines are generally located in remote or unmanned locations it must have the option to incorporate remote access by a variety of means. It must provide a complete control solution and be flexible and adaptable to accommodate all site conditions.



  • Suitable for most environments: Flexible
  • Reduces down time: Reliability
  • Reduces carbon footprint: Eco-friendly
  • High security board: Safe
  • Easy glanding/cable: Simple installation
  • Can be altered with minimum disruption: Adaptable


  • Commercial buildings
  • Industry



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